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Polaris RZR 170 Stage 5 Elka Shocks

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Adjustment: Spring Preload, Low Speed Compression, High Speed Compression & Rebound

Sold as a Pair

Introducing the Elka Stage 5 Shocks for the Polaris RZR 170 the ultimate shock absorbers designed for drivers seeking unparalleled performance for their UTV. These shocks represent the pinnacle of Elka's shock technology, offering a perfect balance of high hydraulic flow, lightweight components, and low-friction internal and moving parts. The Stage 5 shocks are engineered to provide the ultimate performance, making them ideal for extreme riders looking for better bump absorption and greater comfort, as well as racers aiming to significantly increase their speed and control.

Key Features:

The Stage 5 shocks are positioned as the ultimate shock absorbers, catering to drivers who demand the utmost in performance for their UTV. Whether you're an extreme rider seeking better bump absorption or a racer aiming for increased speed and control, these shocks deliver unparalleled performance.

The design of the Stage 5 shocks revolves around high hydraulic flow. This technology ensures optimal fluid dynamics within the shocks, contributing to precise tuning and exceptionally smooth damping action. The result is a level of performance unmatched in the current UTV market.

Lightweight components are a key factor in the Stage 5 shocks. The use of ultra-lightweight materials enhances the overall performance of the shocks, contributing to improved handling, responsiveness, and overall maneuverability of the UTV.

The Stage 5 shocks are characterized by low-friction internal and moving parts. This design choice reduces resistance within the shocks, leading to smoother damping action. The low-friction components contribute to a more comfortable and controlled ride.

Offering adjustability over all parameters of the suspension, the Stage 5 shocks provide a high level of customization. While this adjustability allows users to fine-tune their UTV's performance, it requires testing and fine-tuning to unlock the full potential. Elka emphasizes the responsibility that comes with adjustability for optimal results.

The Stage 5 shocks are Elka's top-end model, designed for racers and enthusiasts seeking maximum performance and total control over all suspension parameters without compromise. Whether you're hitting the race track or challenging off-road terrains, these shocks deliver race-level performance. In summary, the Elka Stage 5 Shocks for the Polaris RZR 170 stand as the epitome of shock absorber technology. With High-Flow technology, ultra-lightweight design, and low-friction components, these shocks offer unmatched performance for extreme riders and racers alike. Adjustability over all parameters ensures a customized and controlled ride for those who demand the absolute best from their UTV's suspension.

PLEASE NOTE - Shocks are built to order, current production time is 4-5 weeks

Product Information

Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 24 10 6 in
Product Line SIDE-BY-SIDE (UTV)
Vehicle Make POLARIS
Vehicle Model & Year RZR 170
Primary Intended Use High-Performance / Racing
Product Model STAGE 5
Body Diameter & Material 36mm, ALUMINUM
Reservoir Configuration RESERVOIR
Adjustments Preload, Rebound, Low-Speed Compression, High-Speed Compression
Unit of Sale (Sold As) PAIR
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