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Maverick MAX Replacement Springs Kit - Dual Rate

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Details After years of testing, development and several years on the market, Racer Tech has proven to have the best replacement spring options for todays UTV's. Now we are happy to release the newest option for the Can Am Maverick MAX using OEM Fox shocks. This is a Racer Tech D.I.S.S. Dual Rate Kit which gives a substantial improvement in ride quality while improving handling as well at G-out resistance. We've found the perfect combination of spring length to rate ratio and are very happy with our results. This kit is for all four corners of the machine. It provides a short spring, a long spring and a delrin spacer for each shock. The secret is in our short springs. We've found a perfect universal rate which allows us to custom tailor our long springs, (which determines the final rate of the suspension) to each individuals needs.

After months of testing we've found a perfect spring rate for this kit which allows for enough adjustability within the preload to work for almost any Maverick MAX no matter the setup. If you have a very light machine you can run minimal preload. If your Maverick is loaded down with accessories and cargo most often simply turn up the preload until you achieve the desired ride height. There are two rate options dependant on your mods and loaded weight. Just use the Spring Rate Calculator above to find our recommendation for you.

NOTE:. This kit is designed to work with the Maverick MAX 4 seater. It will only fit on 2.5" shocks. This kit will also fit any aftermarket 2.5" shock.

Why Dual Rates? This is as good of a question as it is common. Dual Rates are essentially the same as any progressive spring in the sense they achieve a similar goal; they vary the final rate at different compression heights. The biggest difference for the end user is the adjustability gained by choosing the dual-rate. Our options are limitless with this setup and more variations are made up and applied every week to suit customer’s individual needs. With dual-rates we are able to "fine-tune" your ride in a way that was previously not possible. Another more technical reason why we at Racer Tech prefer dual-rate springs is they are able to reduce excessive rebound issues which are extremely inherent with the Commander. The OEM believes in using light spring rates with unusually large amounts of preloads to achieve their desired height and ride. We believe in the more commonly accepted method of using properly matched springs with less preload. This allows the spring to work the way it's designed to better because we aren't so far into the compression. This reduces the spring tension which in-turn reduces the requirement for stronger rebound dampening, which in-turn causes less work for the shock, which in-turn causes less friction for the fluids, which in-turn extends the time it takes for the fluid to overheat which of course is the catalyst in the equation that makes shocks "fade". This is very good for the potential customer who doesn't really ride aggressively enough, or often, to justify spending the big money on a set of aftermarket shocks. By creating a lower initial spring rate when both springs are active there is a much lower resistance energy which is what ends up giving the Commander it's "bucking" effect. The three major elements that sets the dual rate kit apart are: Predictability, Consistency and Adjust-ability. They've proven multiple times to handle better through better stability at speeds and help the driver to know what to expect out of the machine in different situations. They also give the end user the option to fine tune the ride and handling by simply switching out the long springs for a fraction of the cost of buying a full new set.

Some may say we have created an unorthodox dual rate spring system here and they would be right. We believe there’s more than one way to go about things as do most people. The truth is, we’ve developed a theory after years of knowledge and experience combined which works very well for this specific application. We’ve found a new combination of spring rates and a new way of applying them to achieve a better ride and better handling than anything else currently on the market. There are people who have tried other alternative springs out there who are coming to us for a better solution and we are proud to say we have it.

Guarantee "It's hard to say what's the best when you've only tried one. At Racer Tech we believe we have the best spring replacement kit in the world and are willing to put our money where our mouth is. If you have a competitor’s spring kit and want to try ours, buy it. If you don't feel our springs are better than what you have you can send them back for a 100% refund."

This kit is 100% MADE IN THE U.S.A. and we at RT are VERY proud of this!

Kit includes (8) springs and (4) spring spacers. All springs come with silver powdercoat.

Here's a GREAT video testament to show how the Racer Tech Dual Rate spring design works in different scenarios. The proof is all right here and there is no other spring package in the world that can do what these do! Watch closely and see how the two springs almost seem to talk to each other to control and regulate which spring moves first based on the impact and the speed of the cycle.

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