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Maverick / Commander Harness Bar

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Racer Tech saw the need for a universal Harness Bar for the Can Am Commander and Mavericks. Many don't know this, but most harness bars on the market do not fit all machines. Variations in manufacturing and model year changes require many bars to be modified in some way to be installed. Racer Tech designed this universal bar that will fit any Can Am UTV using telescoping tubing and a rigid clamping system. Now you can install a harness bar without worrying about how bad the job will go. Simply assemble the kit loosely and tighten everything up when done fitting. This is a 100% BOLT-ON product.

This design also turns the telescoping clamps in to multi-functioning harness mounts/retainers. The clamps center behind the seats and have retainer rods added to keep individual wrap-around harnesses from sliding down the bar and/or off your shoulders. They also have incorporated tabs you can use to mount bolt-in "V" harnesses if you choose. Additionally, these tabs can also be used to mount other accessories if desired.

Racer Tech has developed an extremely strong, lightweight and cost effective mounting solution for roll cage mounted braces. Using specially made stamping dies, we produce the "T-Flange Clamp" in-house. This clamp locks together on one side and cinches tight around the OEM cage with grade 8 bolts and a pinch block on the back side. The result is a aesthetically pleasing mounting system that DOES NOT interfere with roof or windshield mounting and also allows for modular bolt-on accessories from Racer Tech. With design you do not have to worry about cheaply made, bulky clamps you can strip out or snap off bolts in, These clamps are slim fitting and use replaceable nyloc nuts.

Installation is simple and fitment is excellent due to professional 3D CAD design by our talented in-house engineers. The final product is a simple yet comprehensive product anyone with a garage and simple tools can install in less than an hour. This kit is made from American steel, laser cut and CNC formed for absolute precision every time.

The Racer Tech Maverick/Commander Harness Bar fits ALL year and model 2 seat Can Am UTV''s. It comes powdercoated satin black with instructions and all the necessary hardware for installation.

Quick Facts:

Strengthens OEM roll cage Strengthens chassis. 100% BOLT-ON kit. No cutting, bending, drilling, welding required. Fixture built for accuracy. Fits ALL models and year 2 seat Commanders and Mavericks. 100% MADE IN U.S.A.!

Usually ships in 2-3 Weeks
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