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Kawasaki Teryx 800 | Teryx 4 Power Commander V

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The Dynojet Power Commander V plugs inline with your Kawasaki Teryx's stock ECU. It uses OEM (original equipment manufacturer) style connectors making installation easy and quick. The Power Commander USB allows a full range of fuel adjustment, as much as +/- 100% over stock. Adjustments can be made either with a Windows based computer or by using the face plate mounted button adjusters. No permanent changes are made to the bike's system. Once the unit is removed the bike reverts to its stock settings ..... OR ...... purchase the Auto Tune kit and let it do all the work for you. The auto tune kit sends information to the Power Commander V and automatically corrects a/f while you ride. Each map that we offer has preset Air/Fuel ratio values included that we find to be the best overall settings. This lets you simply plug in and ride. Power Commander V features. Reduced size from PCIII (less than half of the size of PCIII) USB powered from computer (9 volt adapter is no longer needed for programming like on PCIII) 2 position map switching function built in (map switch not included) With gear position input connected the PCV is capable of allowing each cylinder to be mapped individually and for each gear (for example: on a 4 cylinder bike with a six speed transmission there could be up to 24 separate fuel tables). Unit has a -100/+250% fuel change range (up from -100/+100%). This allows more adjustment range for 8 injector sportbikes 10 throttle position columns (up from 9 on PCIIIusb) Enhanced "accel pump" utility (increased adjustment and sensitivity ranges)

Fits: 2012-2013 Kawasaki Teryx 750, 2014+ Kawasaki Teryx 800 and Teryx 4 800

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