Honda Talon 1000 Spare Tire and WheelZoom

Honda Talon 1000 Spare Tire and Wheel

Item# sbs-tal-tw
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Take this spare tire and wheel for the Honda Talon anywhere you go for the ultimate peace of mind and be prepared for anything nature will throw at you. Carrying a spare tire on your Honda isn't just helpful, it's almost necessary if you take the Talon where it was meant to be ridden. Extreme terrain calls for taking precautions and having the proper equipment is a necessary precaution.

Fits: Honda Talon 1000X | 1000R
  • Spare comes mounted, tire already on the wheel and inflated
  • Tire is a 28x10x15 size
  • Wheel size is 15x7, 5+2 offset
  • Can be used in front or rear of the Talon
  • Wheel is from STI HD Alloy line of wheels
  • More cost efficient that stock tire and wheel
  • Honda Talon bolt pattern
Usually ships in 1-2 business days
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