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HMF Titan Dual Full Turbo Exhaust Can Am Maverick X3

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Fits: 2017 Can-Am Maverick X3, X DS, X RS

Titan-QS Quiet: 5 HP, 4lb/ft TQ, 23lbs

Titan-XL Loud: 7 HP, 5lb/ft TQ, 8-9dB increase, 23lbs

Fuel Optimizer or ECU Flash Required

The HMF exhausts for the Can-Am Maverick X3 are available as a Dual Full (Turbo-Back) system and as a Slip-On (muffler delete) system. The Dual Full System features dual 16" mufflers that retain the original turbo and down pipe heat shields. The Duals come standard with (2) 18MM O2 Bungs; One for the original O2 and the other for a wide-band O2.

The Slip-On (muffler delete) is a no core pipe that retains the stock end cap and plastics. The aluminum Performance Series picked up 6 HP and 4lb/ft TQ and the stainless steel Titan Series picked up 5-7 horsepower with 4-5lb/ft torque, depending on the option. The Performance Series has a 10-12dB increase, the Titan-XL has an 8-9dB louder than stock.

**** Optional Blackout Option ****

HMF Blackout exhausts have a specialized matte colored ceramic coating that is formulated to withstand extreme temperatures. Capable of withstanding up to 1200F, this ceramic based finish is formulated to withstand the extreme temperatures from an exhaust system. As a result, your exhaust should have less intense exposure to the elements, protecting you for any application or use.

**** Optional Gen 3/3.5 Fuel Optimizer ****

The HMF Optimizer is a Fuel-Injection Controller that has been pre-programmed with the proper tuning specifications for your HMF exhaust. You must retune your machine when you're adding an exhaust system, so not tuning your machine will void the warranty of your exhaust.

Pre-Programmed with the best settings for your HMF exhaust

Push Button Interface Unique load based technology

Plug and Play Installation

No CPU or Dyno Needed

Full Range Tuning

**** Optional ECU Flash ****

The ECU - Original takes your current Electonic Control Unit, erases the machine's manufacturer presets and replaces it with our performance tuning parameters designed specifically for HMF Exhaust Systems. The ECU - Original requires you to send in your current ECU where it will be flashed by HMF. We strive to ship new ECUs within 24 hours of purchase or original ECUs within 24 hours of us receiving them.

Note: You are responsible for shipping your Stock ECU to HMF for flash service.

Spark timing adjusted for 91 Octane fuel

Speed Limiters removed in low and high gears

Part throttle and wide open throttle fueling corrected for HMF exhausts but will work with most free flowing exhaust systems

No brake start

Fans on at 165 degrees F.

More linear throttle control

Shaft saver function removed

Rev Limiters set to 8600 RPM in low and high gears

Brake and throttle application without de-rated power

100% throttle position even in ECO mode

13HP gain over stock

While not required with our test vehicles, clutch tuning may be required depending on tire size, vehicle weight etc.

----Disclaimer: Changing the operating parameters in the ECU may or may not void your vehicle warranty. For more information on this contact your local dealership. HMF flashed ECUs are for closed course competition use only and may not be legal to use on certain property. Check your local and federal laws. HMF will not be held responsible for consequences incurred while using your vehicle with this ECU. ECUs are sensitive electronic devices. Avoid high static electrical charges when handling your ECU. HMF will not be held responsible for an ECU that arrives at HMF with physical or electrical damage even if it “worked when you removed it”.

Usually ships in 4-7 business days - Blackout exhausts will require additional delivery time
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