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HMF | Polaris RZR Pro R | Dual Slip On Exhaust

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(22-23) Polaris RZR Pro R

The Titan, a stainless steel system, is engineered for resilience in high-temperature conditions, enhancing torque and horsepower, bolstering durability, and refining the exhaust sound. Its free-flowing design enhances air circulation, resulting in a powerful, aggressive sound, along with increased horsepower and torque. The exhaust shield not only ensures a sleek appearance but also enhances protection for the exhaust system.

The Pro R exhaust consists of (2) 12-inch stainless steel mufflers, with the Dual Slip-On system delivering almost 7 HP at the wheels and reducing weight by approximately 8 pounds compared to stock. It's offered in both Loud (XL) and Quiet (QS) variants.

Performance: +7 hp / +3 ft-lb
Weight: -8lb / HMF: 18lb / Stock: 26lb

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