Epi Sport Utility Clutch Kit - Yamaha Rhino 660 / 450Zoom

Epi Sport Utility Clutch Kit - Yamaha Rhino 660 / 450

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****Severe Duty Belts will NOT work with Rhino 450****

Maximize the performance and response out of your Rhino with this clutch kit. Efficiency is built into every kit to get the most out of your machine. The Sport Utility Kit is designed for those who spend most of their time on the trails.

Oversized tire kits are designed to work with aggressive (taller, wider, heavier) 27-28" tires. Oversized tire kits pull easier in tough conditions or in the mud, but may affect top end speed.

High elevation kits are designed to compensate for elevations above 3000 feet.

------------------Clutch Kit-------------------------------

Increased acceleration.

Enhanced backshifting.

Less belt slippage.

Mainain peak RPM.

--------------Clutch Kits With Severe Belt----------------

•Experience the same enhancements of our clutch kits with the added advantage of a high quality double cogged belt.

•Remember: If you are continually destroying belts, your clutches may be getting too hot. Improving your clutching with a clutch kit will decrease belt slippage and decrease belt heat.

EPI Severe Duty •The highest quality belt available.

•Deep Double Cog style belt helps reduce clutch heat.

•Higher quality control & closer tolerances used in manufacturing.

•Designed for Severe Duty applications such as high horsepower, heavy load & aggressive riding styles.

•Exacting specifications, measurements, and dimensions provide a consistent clutch operation.

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