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EPI Polaris General Duner Clutch Kit

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Maximize your performance in the Dunes with the EPI Duner Clutch Kit for the Polaris General. The Polaris General is a very capable machine in certain conditions but the clutch system was not designed to for the dunes. Understandable, as not every General owner will not be ripping up the sand. However, for those of you who are like us and believe in dune worship, getting the General clutch sand ready is essential.

Installing the EPI Duner Clutch kit, we deliver more power to the low end of the rpm range. This will help you grab the holeshot. It will also help spin paddle tires if you have those installed. The stock clutch can make the General feel a little sluggish if you have larger paddle tires installed. If you do have paddle tires installed make sure to select that option above.

In addition to the performance increase, a proper dune clutch set up will help protect your belt. With the stock clutch, their can be a lot of stress on the belt on the dunes, and you run the risk of blowing a belt. The duner clutch kit will optimize the cvt for the sand conditions which in turn should keep the heat down.

Note, that installing this clutch kit will get rid up the engine braking system in exchange for a more performance oriented unit.

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