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DotWeld Honda Pioneer 700 Folding Windshield

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Stock windshields suffice for the occasional rider, but if you mean business out on the trail and tend to push it, you're going to need more. That's why DotWeld is known as the industry standard for superior windshield protection. Not only do they last longer than other brands, but they can also be installed/removed quickly when needed. Using only top-tier materials, DotWeld delivers tinted and non-tinted options to make your ride even more enjoyable. Push it to the limit out in the wild with worry over the quality of your windshield. Why? DotWeld uses industry-grade 1/4" thick polycarbonate for the ultimate in protection! Don't get hot, get Dot!

  • Polycarbonate Full Windshield is built to the highest quality.
  • Windshield features 1/4" thick polycarbonate for durability and stability.
  • The tinted windshield options greatly reduces sun glare in bright conditions. Contoured to hood with full length rubber seal.
  • Windshield mounts securely and can be installed or removed quickly using Dot Welds quick connect system. installs easy and looks great.
  • Superior off-road protection
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  • Honda Pioneer 700
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