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WildCat RacePace Harness Bar - Dragonfire Racing

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The new Arctic Cat WildCat is a radical addition to the UTV line-up. With all the power and suspension it has to offer, naturally you will want to beef up the safety just in case you run out of talent. DragonFire has got the solution to adding 4 point harnesses to your WildCat with our new harness bar. Unlike what is seen on the market we have designed this harness bar to form around the factory contour of the WildCat plastics and re-locate the shoulder straps to the proper position in the vehicle. With our 6 bolt cage clamps, hand welding, and laser cut steel plate we have come up with the ultimate harness bar for your WildCat. Great for use with stock or aftermarket seats this is one item you do not want to go without.

Feature Include:
--Designed to hold harness restraints at the correct angle and distance below the shoulders allowing for proper restraint positioning

--Specialized down bars allow shoulder harnesses to sit square and do not allow sliding or loosening

--Unobtrusive low profile design allows the harness bar to flow seamlessly with the lines of the WildCat feets OE configuration --Hand welded in house in the USA & designed to match OEM dimensions

--CNC milled 6-bolt clam shell clamps allow for easy mounting and installation

--Powder coated black to match the OEM cage

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