STI HD9 Comp Beadlock Limited - 14" | 15"Zoom

STI HD9 Comp Beadlock Limited - 14" | 15"

Item# STI-14HB943
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14x7 4/156 5+2 (+30mm)
14x7 4/137 5+2 (+30mm)
15x7 4/156 5+2 (+30mm)
15x7 4/137 5+2 (+30mm)

STI now offers their award winning HD9 Beadlock rim in an incredible and unmatched milled finished and chrome limited editions. Just as strong as the original HD 9 Beadlocks, these limited edition HD9 comp locks come with a 10mm thick beadlock ring is secured by 5/16-inch grade-8 hardware for strength. This ultra strong beadlock was designed for grueling desert racing or climbing up a steep rocky trail. Choose from 14 and 15 inch sizes and optional colored milled finished beadlock rings. The new wheel includes a pre-installed valve stem with a black sleeve and matching cap.

  • Larger lug hole counter bore allows 17mm hex lug use
  • 10mm thick billet beadlock ring and 5/16 grade-8 hardware
  • Pre-installed valve stem with black sleeve and matching cap
  • 1200-pound load rating

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