Onguard Mastiff Intergrated Chain 5’4” 10MmZoom

Onguard Mastiff Intergrated Chain 5’4” 10Mm

Item# 10-0203


ONGUARD Locks are the toughest in the world

Dual lock-down deadbolt locking mechanism offers second-to-none holding power

M-cylinder mechanism is a major theft deterrent. Anti-drill and pick-proof guts

Ballistic plastic holds up to the most aggressive trashing and thrashing guaranteed

All locks include 4 laser-cut keys and 1 light key for night time use

Manufacturer’s Anti-theft protection offer available for up to 3 years coverage. Provides protection and replacement of your powersport vehicle up to the designated dollar amount should the product fail when used properly

Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty to be free from mechanical defects for the lifetime of the product. If a mechanical defect occurs, it will be replaced free of charge

Key Replacement Service - register your key number or know your key number and the keys will be replaced

10-0203 10mm, 5’4”, 10.5 lbs. with integrated lock has a Four Star plus security level rating making this lock highly theft resistant for high crime areas

Patent pending X4 Power Quattro bolt locking mechanism provides maximum protection

Integrated lock has a dual steel ball locking mechanism to provide greater defense

Usually ships in 3-4 business days.
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