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CIPA UTV Wide Angle Rear View Mirror

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The CIPA Wide-Angle UTV Mirror clamps around the top cross bar where the automotive style mirror can give you the best field of vision. CIPA has designed the mirror with a large convex, which in mirror terms provides a larger view. A larger field of view means less blind spots and more safety. The mirror itself is made from acrylic safety lens, so it wont shatter into bunch of pieces if damaged. The body is made up of poly composite materials to hold up with rigors of offroad racing. The mirror adjust through a ball and socket design which can be maneuvered for different drivers.

Fits: 1.75" and 1.5" roll cage diameters

Kit Includes:1 mirror assembly, 1 clamp tightening screw, 1 allen hex wrench, 2 clamp spacers and 2 protective tape Strips
  • 10" x 3.5" Mirror Size
  • Adjustable
  • Convex mirror produces wide-angle of view
  • Clam shell aluminum mounting clamp
  • Ball and socket joint reduces vibration
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