CF Moto ZForce 500 Vented WindshieldZoom

CF Moto ZForce 500 Vented Windshield

Item# 3ST-50-52057


One of the easiest ways to add comfort and style to your ride is to install a windshield. Installing a windshield not only protects you from rocks and debris when offroading, but it also adds a level of comfort to your ride. Not sure where to start? 3 Star Industries has the answer with this ZForce 500 Vented Windshield.

Functional and Durable: Crafted to be one of the strongest windshields on the market, this windshield is made from 1/4 inch thick Lexan. Lexan, a polycarbonate material, offers an unbelieve amount of strength and protection. This windshield is also created with an automotive grade rubber gasket lining for a snug and secure fit.

Practical Comfort: Not only does this windshield offer superior strength, but it's created with comfort in mind. Added vents allow for climate control for all seasons-- providing a breeze in the summer and easy defrosting during the winter.
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