3 Star MR10 Half Front Windshield For CF Moto ZForce 950Zoom

3 Star MR10 Half Front Windshield For CF Moto ZForce 950

Item# 3ST-50-52055


Applicability: 2020-22 CFMOTO ZForce 950 Sport and 2022 CFMOTO ZForce 950 EX

Drive-wind can be a real jerk. It'll obstruct your view, cause body aches, not to mention the wind burnt skin. Side By Side Stuff has a solution to this blunder. All you need is an aftermarket windshield. Most rough-riders have no desire to get a front windshield because of the restrictions. However, if you go halvsies, you get to ditch the drive winds without closing-up your cab. One assembly that got our attention is the 3 Star MR10 Hard-coated Half Front windshield for the ZForce 950.

What's great about this particular windshield is the low-profile design, which means you can easily integrate other UTV accessories like tops, doors, or side mirrors. Unlike many half windshields, it only comes up high enough to divert the wind overhead and out of your face. It will not obscure your viewpoint whatsoever. The one-piece SxS half windshield is composed of Lexan that is MR10 hard-coat infused. In other words, it destroys glass as far as durability goes and is scratch-resistant. Installation is a breeze. It's cost-efficient and will increase the quality of your offroad experience. Purchase-up.

  • 1/4-inch-thick MR10 hard-coated Lexan
  • 250 times stronger than glass
  • 30 times stronger than acrylic
  • Automotive rubber edging
  • Fits tight against roll bars
  • 2 Velcro cinch straps included for quick installation
  • One-piece design
  • All installation hardware and instructions included
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA

PLEASE READ: Upon receipt of your windshield and prior to removing the protective film
  • Inspect for any damages, including scratches protruding through the protective film
  • Ensure product satisfaction
  • Confirm correct fitment
Once protective film is removed, the windshield is no longer returnable or refundable.

Shared Shipping Program: You pay $2.00 shipping/handling and Side By Side Stuff pays the rest!

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