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3000 Mule & 3010 Trans Mule Bevarage Holder

Item# SD594
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4 Position Beverage Holder - This beverage holder is very unique, it accepts 2 drinks in Koozies and 2 additional multi level locations that will accept 12-16-32 ounce drinks and has notches for large drinks with handles!

Trays - Our beverage holder has 2 "Catch All" trays for those loose items that are always a part of any trip in your Mule!

Windshield Clearance - Our beverage holder is designed to work with all after market and factory windshields, it is positioned in a manner that it is inside the base threshold of all windshields so no worries about it not clearing!

Contoured - Our beverage holder is manufactured out of Black ABS plastic and is contoured to the hood of your Mule 3000 and Trans mule 3010's, we assure you that our beverage holder will assist you in keeping the hood in tact and not splitting at the hinge points as we have seen in the field taking place without using a device to keep the hood from splitting!

Stainless Hardware - Our screws are stainless steel and the nut serts we use will seal the drill holes in the hood and no water will seep in due to adding the beverage holder!

Weep Holes - Our drink and tray positions all have weep holes to allow any spillage to drain and also when washing your Mules all excess water will drain and run out of all locations. (There are weep areas at the base of the holder in order not to trap any liquids under the beverage holder!)

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